Legal Services

Making a living from the arts is serious business. I can help you:

  • understand and negotiate your agreements with publishers and agents;
  • manage copyright permissions and fair use;
  • provide advice on defamation and free speech issues;
  • investigate non-profit status and find other ways to grow and finance your arts-related business;
  • defend you in arbitration, mediation or litigation if you are sued;
  • register and protect the trademarks that identify your unique creative work; and
  • handle taxes and inheritance issues.

Since there is nothing more important than the contracts you sign, I offer a low-cost flat fee contract review for clients who want to make sure they understand the documents they sign. I want to keep this simple service affordable for all Austin-area artists so they can take control over their business lives.

I can also help schools and educational professionals understand their unique professional relationships and their obligations towards students. Call me for a consultation.